2015 Waterloo WL14X TR Guitar
(Serial No. 458) Near mint condition. If you're looking at this, you're probably already familiar with this guitar, and have seen everyone from Jeff Tweedy to Julian Lage to St. Vincent to Bill Frisell using one live and in the studio. This is Collings's take on Gibson's "Kalamazoo" budget line of guitars that they put out during the Great Depression. The Waterloos are the same, though this one is the WL-14XTR -- which means, unlike the Kalamazoos of the 30s, it's been brought up to modern playability and tonal balance with a truss rod and X bracing (instead of ladder bracing). The X-bracing yields a little more bass response, volume, and sweet balance across all the strings than the ladder bracing used by the original Kalamazoos. Its about the size of an L00, 1 3/4 nut, very lightweight guitar, very alive, vibrant, responsive, and snappy sounding guitar with a nice low action. Has a spruce top with unscalloped braces, mahogany back and sides, rosewood fretbaord and bridge - whats not to like? All the good stuff coming to you in a small couch friendly package. It sounds like a good vintage guitar thats had time to open up, with a big open woody sound and strong volume. Its gig ready as it is fitted with a stap button and an active LR Baggs pickup system with endpin jack. Comes with the original Collings/Waterloo hardshell case, which is also very clean.

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