2016 Ratliff R5 Custom Mandolin
(Serial No. 1141 As-new, uniform brown lacquer finish. Audey only build about 18 mandolins a year. Getting a new one to sell is tough - every dealer out there wants one, as they are excellent mandolins. Ratliff builds a fine looking and fine sounding mandolin, and this is an excellent mandolin. As this is a one-off custom build with a new wood type, you figure he would expend a little extra effort on this one. Still a little green as it is new, but this one is loud! Build quality is top notch, as good as it gets. It has all the design features that give Ratliffs their tone and power. This is the classic F5 style mandolin with the long neck, f holes, and a radiused elevated exotic cumaru wood fretboard with dot inlays. Nut width is 1 1/8 inch. It features a hand carved solid fir top and an one piece flamed mirindiba wood back, sides and two piece neck. I'm usually a fan of maple back and sides, but this is a very full, rich good sounding mandolin, so I need to change my mind. It also has a fossil mastodon ivory nut and a fully bound top, back, fretboard and peghead. Here is a link to a video of this mandolin discussed and played by Audey and his picker friend. The fretboard is shortened to eliminate pick click in the sweet spot. Has a pearl logo and peg head inlay. Fit and finish is as good as the big builders, and the sound is there. Even though its a new mandolin, it has that woody bluegrass bark and the excellent volume and tone that is typical of these mandolins. Comes with a new TKL hardshell case.

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