1929 National Duolian Mandolin

(Serial No. 41B) Early National Duolian Mandolin with triangular body, single resonator and 12 frets clear of the body. Has a round neck with a bound rosewood fretboard. Shows some playing wear on the cover plate and a few nicks and dents, but nothing major. Original hardware and crystal finish. This is a style code B for brown, a somewhat uncommon color. It plays great all up and down the neck with an awesome metallic (but sweet) tone that just booms. Its very articulate and pronounced but really cuts through the mix. Neck set is fine but you can still play up the neck for slide work, especially slide blues. Think Sam Bush! Sam plays slide mandolin - check out his sound to see all the possibilities. Very loud with a unique sound. Comes with a slide and a nice gig bag

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