1922 Lyon and Healy Style A Professional Model Mandolin
(Serial No.1864) Excellent condition. This instrument is not just gorgeous, but it also sounds it, too. If you've never played a top-flight Lyon & Healy mandolin from this period, they're simply a few evolutionary steps ahead of the competition at the time. These elaborate and beautifully made mandolins were the only really serious competition Gibson ever faced in the high-end carved top 8-string market. Using the finest materials and a thoroughly original design, Lyon & Healy created a timeless classic in the Style A. The violin scroll headstock is immediately distinctive, but the 2-point body, shaped pickguard, and clamp tailpiece cover are all signature features. The sound of these instruments is more delicate and lighter than most Gibsons, with a nicely rounded top end and less "bark". They have been considered since the 1920's to be the best instruments ever made for classical mandolin playing. I am always impressed by both the sound and craftsmanship of the Lyon & Healy mandolins, and the top of the line Style A is an extremely fine instrument worthy of any player's or collector's attention. This one was made around 1922 in Chicago and has a Chas. H. Ditson label inside which also shows it was made by Lyon and Healy. This mandolin features an assymetrical 2 point body shape, birdseye maple for the back and sides, solid Adirondack spruce top, a 13 inch scale, radiused fretboard, clamp tailpiece with the most amazing cover ever, a vulcanized rubber headstock faceplate and removable floating pickguard, and the most beautiful violin style carved headstock. Frets are good, neck set is good, finish and parts are original. I took this in trade from a famous Nashville musician, who used this instrument in concert for many years. There are NO repairs or cracks. Comes with the original hard shell case.
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