1925 Gibson A1
(Serial # 81617) Excellent condition. This is a players mandolin. Snakeheads are considered the best sounding of Gibson oval hole mandolins, as they ring out and punch well. Black top finish and a brownish back and sides. Original Gibson label inside. This is the "A1" model with a silver painted logo, top bound only. Finish is original as is the bridge, tailpiece, and pickguard. The tuners have been changed to modern Schallers for ease of tuning and playability. Just set up by my luthier. Frets are fine and neck set is good. A long side crack was professionally repaired. The hole in the peghead was put there so the owner could hang the mandolin on the wall! Its a nice loud mandolin in excellent restored condition, with excellent tone. Plays easy with a nice low action. Shows a little picking and case wear. Excellent for Celtic, old time and jazz. Comes with a newer TKL hardshell case.

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