1925 Gibson A
(Serial # 81327 FON 8625) Excellent condition. Snakeheads are considered the best sounding of Gibson oval hole mandolins, as they ring out and punch well. Black top finish and a brownish back and sides. Original Gibson label inside. The date on this one is a bit of a mystery, as the serial number appears to be 81327, but the factory order number rubber stamped inside is 8625 which crosses in the Spann book to a 1927 build date. Maybe the 81 is actually a 87? It is hard to tell with these penciled in numbers after 90 years! In any case, this is an excellent sounding and playing mandolin. I think it was originally built as a "A" model with no logo, and at some point it was sent back to Gibson for work (possibly frets?), as the painted logo "The Gibson" is straight across the peghead like a late 20s instrument, instead of slanted like the earlier logos. It also looks like the entire instrument was oversprayed with the correct nitro lacquer at some point in the distant past, as there is checking on the back under the finish. However, that top finish has its own checking, so if it was oversprayed it was a long time ago. The hardware is original, endpin is replaced, and the tuners are the type used in 1924-1925. Just set up by my luthier Jerry Ray. Frets are fine and neck set is good. Its a strong sounding very loud mandolin in excellent condition, with beautiful tone. Plays easy with a nice low action. Excellent for Celtic, old time and jazz. Comes with the original hardshell case.

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