1930s Dobro Model 25 / 27 Resonator Guitar
(No serial number) Excellent condition, roundneck, two tone walnut finish. Figuring out the correct model on an old Dobro can be a challenge. After Regal took over Dobro production in 1937, parts were freely interchanged between models, depending on what was on hand. This is a typical example. This is a Regal built Dobro with either a birch or mahogany body and mahogany neck, 3 piece f-holes on the upper bout, bound top and back, and no sound well. All the finish and hardware is original, including the original cone and the somewhat uncommon pointsetta coverplate. It has the Regal ID marks stamped on the coverplate just below the bridge. No hole in the top below the fretboard and a slot peghead is usually considered a Model 27. However, the 4 dot fretboard is from a Model 6 and the 12 fret neck was cataloged for a Model 32 metalbody! Strap button added at the heel. There is no serial number as is typical on 1930s Dobros. However the Model 27 was made from 1937 to 1942. Just had a neck reset and frets dressed by luthier Jerry Ray so it plays nicely for either fingerstyle or slide. Shows some fretboard wear and most of the finish has been played off the back of the neck, so you know it was well used and loved. Has that nice warm tone with bite that you look for in a vintage Dobro. Comes with a period hardshell case.

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