1937 National Duolian Guitar
(Serial No. none) Blues approved! Here is an old National Duolian that has seen its share of picking. Its been refinished with bronze colored spray paint, and the neck was refinished and a new decal added in the peghead. The good news is it has the original cone, the neck is set correctly, and it sounds awesome! Has the 14 fret body, original neck with rosewood or bean wood fretboard, solid peghead and rolled f-holes. These build characteristics date it to the 1937-1939 time frame, so I called it 1937. The serial number on the end of the peghead was lost during refinishing. The fretboard and frets are in good condition. Original cone and hardware. Neck is straight, neck set is perfect for slide and fingerstyle up the neck. It has the growl you look for in a metal body resonator. Comes with an old cardboard case.

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