1939 Gibson ETG-150 Tenor Guitar

(Serial No. EGE 2336) This instrument has been beautifully preserved over the years, and it is all original. It is currently set up for low g tuning like an octave mandolin. When you plug it in, this guitar sings with a deep, wooly low-end presence you won't expect from a tenor guitar. Add a little reverb or delay, and it's easy to get inspired and lost in the wide-open tenor sound. This guitar is an incredible piece of prewar Gibson craftsmanship, but it's also a playable tenor with inspiring tone. The tenor ETG-150 is almost identical to the six string ES-150, except it has a four string neck and appropriate 23 inch scale. It features the same 16-1/4 inch wide body, constructed with a carved spruce top that is x-braced and a flat maple back. It has the same slender f-holes, the same sunburst top and single-ply binding appointments. It also has the same curious tailpiece mounted input jack and of course the famous Charlie Christian blade pickup. In many ways, the eye-catching Charlie Christian pickup is perhaps what makes the ETG-150 most famous, and the rich, deep tones it produces set the standard for the electric archtop sound. Comes with a newer hardshell case.

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