1943 Martin 017 Guitar
(Serial No. 83564) Excellent structural condition showing its age. All mahogany body including the top gives these guitars a warm rich sound perfect for blues and fingerstyle. Has the original 1 11/16 inch ebony nut. This is a wartime production guitar, so it has an ebony truss rod, no tuner bushings in the peghead, and Kluson tuners with the riveted ring gears (instead of screws) and white plastic tuner buttons. The bridge is an exact CNC replica of the original bridge, made from Brazillian rosewood. Peghead overlay and the fingerboard are Brazilian rosewood with a gold Martin decal logo on the peghead. Shows player wear with the usual nicks, dings and pickwear, and the typical finish checking all over. The neck is straight and the frets were just dressed and crowned. The guitar is very light and resonate, as it weighs less than three pounds. The action is low and comfortable with plenty of saddle to lower the action if desired. Click here for a video clip of this dynamite little guitar that is perfect for sitting on the couch and playing some blues. Comes with an dreadnaught case.

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