1950s Gibson ES-125 Guitar
(Order No. 5513 30) Excellent condition, sunburst finish. This is the classic late 1940s-early 1950s Gibson archtop, perfect for jazz or even better rockabilly. Full depth laminated maple 16 inch archtop body, spruce top, original closed back single line Kluson tuners with replaced buttons, tapered peg head which will date the guitar prior to mid 1950, bound top and back, unbound Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay, 1 11/16 inch nut, gold silkscreened block Gibson logo. Has a single great sounding reissue Jimmy Wallace P-90 pickup in the neck position, new pots, high quality reproduction clear barrel knobs with no numbers, rosewood bridge, and a plain chrome trapeze tailpiece. Arched back. Stamped inside with the order number and ES-125. Missing the pick guard. The finish is original and the frets are fine with some minor fingerboard wear on the upper frets. Has the usual nicks and dings of a guitar that was well used and much loved, but no major repairs or refinish. The frets were dressed and the guitar was just set up by my local luthier Jerry Ray. If you are looking for a working mans vintage guitar to make music, one you don't mind taking on the road or out to a gig, this is it. Its an excellent playing and sounding guitar with a nice cutting rockabilly or jazzer tone. Comes with the original brown cardboard case.

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