1954 Gibson Florentine Mandolin
(Serial No. none) This is the solid body electric mandolin made by Gibson to compete with the Fender Mandocaster. It looks a lot like a double cut Les Paul. The mandolin has all original finish and hardware with the exception of the bridge. A new mandolin bridge has been fitted, which is an improvement over the original brass rod used by Gibson as the saddle. I think this is the first year for the Florentine. The pots do not have a date code and look original to the instrument. Gruhns book indicates Gibson started using dated pots in 1953 or 54. The control knobs are also correct for mid 50s. Tuners are no line Klusons, used from 1950 to 1956. Everything seems to fit for a 1954 instrument. There are no cracks or breaks but it does show some playing wear on the side of the neck. I think these Florentines sound more like a mandolin plugged in than the Fender Mandocaster, as the Florentine has eight strings which will give the mandolin jangle better than a single course instrument. You can turn this one up on your gig, as it will not feed back any more than an electric guitar. Comes with the original brown hardshell case.

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