1954 National 1155 Guitar

(Serial No. X50525) Very good condition with significant playing wear. If you are looking for a collectable guitar this is not it. If you are looking for an excellent guitar you don't have to worry about, with the Gibson sound, at a nice price, you have found it. National bought completed J-50 bodies from Gibson back then and attached their own necks, with a unique contour, a unique peghead shape with a large chrome National on the peghead, Kluson tuners with proprietary way cool button shapes, and a National serial number plate on the back of the peghead; these are some pretty great and unique guitars. You get the best of both worlds - it sounds like an old Gibson, but it plays very easily with a thinner 1 11/16 nut neck. Its not Taylor thin, but it is less chunky than Gibsons of that era. This guitar sounds wonderful, and it has the most mojo of any guitar I have owned in a long time. The finish on the back of the neck has been played off, and the wood is actually worn as well. Its super smooth and comfortable. You can see the wear on the top where your arm comes over. I'm telling you, this guitar was played! Looks to be all original, and the Gibson body has a Gibson FON stamped inside that is also a 1954 number with the X prefix on the order number. No repairs noted. The action is low and comfortable, frets are good, and the neck is in set. No work to be done that I can see. This guitar is a great opportunity to get the 50s Gibson J45 sound for a fraction of the cost. Click here for a video clip of this guitar as played by Ed Wright of Brandon FL. Comes with a nice condition hardshell case.

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