1960 Martin 5-15T Tenor Guitar
(Serial No. 174079) Excellent well played condition with no cracks. The 5 series Martins are the smallest guitar made by Martin, and they are famous for putting out an astounding amount of sound for their size. Think Marty Robbins. This old warhorse is a prime example. Mahogany back and sodes, mahogany top, and a rosewood bridge and fretboard. Decal logo on the peghead and dot fretboard inlay in pearl. Looks to be all original. Neck is striaght, frets are good , neck set is good. The finish is starting to check somewhat, which is typical of these all mahogany guitars. Has a 23 inch scale with a 1 3/16 inch nut. Has a big sound and is perfect for either tenor guitar work or it can be tuned as a octave mandolin or ukelele. The typical tenor tuning is CGDA (using 9-13-20-27) but I have this one in GDAE (13-20-30-41) like a mandolin and it works fine. Comes with an old oversized chip case.

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