1963 Fender Stratocaster Guitar

(Serial No. 96279) Excellent but well-played condition. If you are looking for the classic gig guitar - this is it. This is the guitar all of the "Relic" series wants to be. Well played Strat in the sunburst finish. Everything is original, no routes or refins. The profile on the B profile neck is amazing and the back of the neck is glass smooth from all the playing. Nicely flamed maple in the neck as well. Rosewood board. Frets are original and it plays very well. The most incredible sounding pickups I have heard - perfectly balanced and matched. I think this guitar was played as a lefty for a while - there is a strap button screw hole in the lower horn as well. The five small areas on the top where some finish is missing were apparently coins glued on the top, as you can still see a circular impression around them. Just set up by luthier Jerry Ray of Richmond VA so it plays smooth as silk. Here are two short video clips here and here of this guitar played by Jerry. The second clip is played through a Silverface Fender Princeton Reverb amp, with no reverb and no pedals. Comes with the original brown Fender hard shell case with two replaced and functional latches.

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