1964 Gibson J-200 Guitar
(Serial No. 62451) Excellent plus nearly unplayed condition. Very clean - all original finish and hardware. Flamed maple back and sides, three piece neck, beautiful blonde finish, engraved pickguard, and mustache bridge with the Tune-o-Matic bridge. I bought this with the intention of replacing the Tune-O-Matic, but after playing it it sounds wonderful and I decided to leave it alone. You be the judge. Here is a link to a YouTube video of this instrument as played by local picker Mark Robertson-Tessi (Tuning is DADGAD). The J-200 series consistently has very strong projection and good sustain. The bottom end is bold yet balanced across the range with a smokey tone. Very satisfying with a real bite tonally if pushed with a flatpick. These are professional grade guitars. At this level, Gibson didn't mess about with inferior anything. A great guitar from the golden era of Gibson's past..one of Townes Van Zandt's favorites. Excellent strong sounding guitar with the sound you are looking for, and an excellent response all across the strings and up and down the neck. The action is easy and low. Comes with the original gold lined Gibson hardshell case witha replaced handle.

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