1972 Fender Stratocaster Guitar

(Serial No. 383731) If you have been looking for a 70s strat with the cool matching peghead that a player can afford, here it is! This is not a collectors piece or a case queen. Its been played a bunch, but the frets are fine and the neck is straight, and all the electronics work perfectly. I'm pretty sure the neck is an original Candy Apple Red peghead, and the body was refinished to match. The pickups are all Fender Strat pickups, just not all from 1972, although the neck and middle are staggered poles. All of the remaining parts are original Fender. Lindy Fralins shop did all the wiring on the guitar with original type wire so you know its right. This Strat plays like a dream as it was just set up by the master himself, Jerry Ray here in Richmond. No routes and no repairs. Neck stamp is 22 Jan 72B (22 is the Fender factory code for a Stratocaster). Good 70's Strats with a matching peghead are really getting scare (and expensive!). You can have the same look and more importantly the same sound for a lot less. Comes with the original hard shell case.

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