1983 Luke Thompson F5 Mandolin

(Built June 25, 1983) There were not a lot of choices in quality luthier hand built F5s in the 1980s - Randy Wood, Sargent, Givens and Thompson come to mind. If you were picking bluegrass in Texas or Lousiana you saw Luke Thompson mandolins in the hands of most of the better pickers. Luke and his sons built mandolins in Baton Rouge, LA. This one has a one piece maple back and solid spruce top, tone bar braced, 1 1/8 inch nut on the flat ebony fretboard, ebony bridge and pearl peghead logo. I just had luthier Harry Eibert go through the mandolin and set it up. This is a mandolin that likes a heavy pick. Excellent sounding mandolin, strong volume and nice woody chop. Good response all across the strings and up and down the neck. The mandolin plays beautifully and has the sound you look for in good bluegrass mandolin. Here is a link to a YouTube video of this instrument as played by Richie Dotson of www.acousticbox.com.You won't see another Thompson at your local jam! You can own a good sounding and useable piece of bluegrass history. Comes with the original rectangular hardshell case.

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