1983 Stelling Staghorn Banjo
(Serial No. 2583) Excellent condition, minor buckle wear on the balk of the resonator. Very clean and straight Stelling Staghorn Banjo. Has a walnut neck, rim, and nicely flamed walnut resonator. The neck and resonator are trimmed in abalone. Nickle hardware. The fretboard is ebony. Has the original Stelling bridge. There are several things that are different from what you would find on a Gibson style banjo. Stelling compensates the nut on all of his banjos except the Crusader model. This gives even intonation in all positions on the fret board. The design of the tail piece is a bit different in the way it attaches, as is the wedge shaped rim to tone ring fit. A Stelling sounds like a Stelling and really can't be compared to another banjo as far as tone, and it is VERY loud. Classic Stelling sound to drive your bluegrass band. No repairs or funny stuff. Includes a new Stelling banjo strap and a spare set of strings. Comes with the original Stelling hard case.

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