1999 Flatiron Festival F Mandolin

(Serial No. 90118019) Excellent plus condition, gloss sunburst finish with a brown back and sides. Flatiron is owned by Gibson and built in the same facility by the same luthiers. The Flatiron Festival F of this time is almost identical to the Gibson F5G. The Flatiron has a different peghead inlay and tailpiece cover, a shortened fretboard extention to elimante pick click, and is finished in a lighter ice-tea sunburst. Other than cosmetic differnces its the same as the Gibson. It still has all the design features that give the F5 its legendary tone, including a hand-fitted dovetail neck joint, solid flamed maple neck, sides and back, solid spruce top, a 1 1/8 nut on the flat ebony fingerboard, tone bar bracing, and a hand-tuned tone chamber. Nickle engraved tailpiece and cover, and nickle Schaller tuners with pearl buttons. Excellent sounding mandolin, strong volume and nice woody chop. Good response all across the strings and up and down the neck. Just set up by my luthier. The mandolin plays like silk and has the sound you look for in good F5. Comes with the original hardshell case in nice condition.

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