1999 Flatiron Festival F Mandolin

(Serial No. 96071609) Excellent condition, sunburst finish. Gibson bought the Flatiron company in 1987. Flatiron mandolins were originally built on the same line by the same people who built Gibson mandolins. This one was built in Bozeman, MT. It has a carved solid spruce top, beautiful flamed maple back, sides and neck, elevated ebony fingerboard with extension, Fern style peghead inlay in colorful abalone, long neck, f-holes, and nickle Shaller tuners. It's tone bar braced like Gibson mandolins. This mandolin plays easy and has an excellent bluegrass chop - good tone and volume. Shows some playing wear all over and the finish on the back of the neck has been removed to allow faster picking. Fitted with an internal pickup and endpin jack. Just refretted and set up by my local luthier Jerry Ray. Gibson has moved the Flatiron name to a line of cheap import mandolins. This is NOT the same mandolin. This is a US made, hand built, high quality instrument. This is your chance to get the next collectible mandolin, that just happens to play and sound great! Comes with a nice hardshell case

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