2005 Stanley F5 Mandolin

(Serial number 4) Near mint condition. This is out of my personal collection. Chris Stanley is a great picker and has owned several Loars and Ferns, so he knows tone. He's also an accomplished woodworker and luthier, so when he decided to build mandolins he had a pretty good head start. This mandolin is impressive - the fit and hand rubbed varnish finish is great, the action is easy and the tone is there. The back woood was chosen for tonal characteristics on each side as did Loar. This is how Loar built his F5s. The top is red spruce. All high grade parts - ebony fingerboard and bridge, pearl logo, silver plated hardware, and grained multi-ply ivoriod binding. Now, there's two camps on mandolin sound. The Loar F5 was made to play in ensembles, so it has a good midrange as well as bass and treble. Many modern mandolins are looking for a deep woody woof on the bottom, sometimes decent trebles, but usually lack in the mids. This mandolin is firmly in the Loar camp. Its a very well balanced mandolin across the strings, with strong even response. Yes you have the chop but you also have the rest of the notes as well.Here is a link to a video of the mandolin as played by Nathan Beaumont of Brandon, FL. Comes with a hardshell case

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