2011 Rickenbacker 360 Guitar
(Serial No. 04330) Mint condition, Fireglo finish. This guitar looks unplayed. The Rickenbacker 360 is the deluxe version of the 330. These were notably played by George Harrison, Peter Buck and Roger McGuinn. In addition to the 330s jangly tones and classic good vibes, the 360 gives you rounded horns, all maple construction (except the fretboard), a contoured top edge that rolls into back binding, slash soundhole, bright nickle hardware, and shark fin fingerboard inlays. It is also fitted with two pickups and the Rick-O-Sound stereo output. This sends each of the Hi-gain single coil pickups to its own amplifier, or straight into a recording medium for instant stereo guitars. These pickups deliver the bite of many other single-coils, but with an aggressive cut that has driven so many rhythm and lead guitar tracks through the decades. A 5-knob control layout with "blend" knob gives you a wide range of sounds. Very versatile and comfortable guitar. Comes with the original very nice hardshell case with some case candy.

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