1913 Gibson K2 Mandocello
(Serial No. 15760 FON 1913) Excellent condition. The Gibson Mandocello is one of the great under-appreciated instruments of the early 20th century. Originally designed for the 1910s mandolin orchestras, these imposing beasts never found another home in any other style of music despite being wonderful and unique-sounding instruments to play. Double-strung and originally tuned in fifths starting with a C below the low E on the guitar, the mandocello has an imposing tone and deep resonance unlike any other fretted instrument. The late Stan Jay described it as "the voice of singing whales". This particular instrument is tuned GDAE and is intended to be played as an octave mandolin. It could of course be restrung and tuned CGDA. This example is a wonderful sounding instrument and is set-up well with excellent action and playability. The top shows some minor sinkage under the bridge, typical of these instruments. The neck angle and bridge height are perfect, with a nice low action. All finish and hardware is original. No repairs noted. Scale length is 24 3/4 inch and the nut width is 1 9/16 inch. Just set up by my luthier Marty Beeson. Comes with a banjo gig bag.

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