1917 Gibson F2 Mandolin

(Serial Number: 36888 FON 9173) Excellent condition. This 1917 Gibson F2 apparently went back to Gibson in the 1930's. The serial number and factory order number date the mandolin to a build date of 1917. Back then, if you needed work done on your instrument (refret, for example) you sent it back to the factory. Gibson replaced the peghead veneer with one with a straight logo, an adjustable bridge was fitted, a truss rod was added, and a new label with the old serial number and the model name rubber stamped on the label (Gibson used a rubber stamp for the model name on the label in the 1930s onward), and a shaped hardshell case with a pink interior was added. I suppose Gibson could have just replaced the neck on the mandolin, but if they did so it cannot be seen. This is an excellent mandolin upgraded by Gibson to have all of the Loar improvements. The F2 was the next to the top of the line mandolin for Gibson. It has a true red sunburst, spectacular flamy woods on the sides and back, pearl logo, bound top, and a bound ebony fingerboard with treble extension, truss rod in the neck, and an original adjustable bridge. The differences in a F2 and a F4 are cosmetic - the F2 has an unbound back, fingerboard and peghead, and simpler peghead inlay. The build is the same and it has the same sound - just less cosmetic trim. The action is good and the sound is excellent. BIG tone and volume! Nice woody sound from this mandolin with good bass. Neck is straight, neck angle is good and the frets show very little wear. There is some picking wear evident on the mandolin but no structural repairs. Finish and hardware are original Gibson. For a short video clip of this mandolin played by Nathan Beaumont click here. Gibson scroll mandolins are hot right now and getting very hard to find, and prices are continuing to rise every year. Comes with the hardshell case.

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