1920 Gibson F4 Mandolin
(Serial No. 62127 FON 11366) Excellent condition. True red sunburst finish. This mandolin was loved - the first owner sent it back to Gibson around 1922 to have a truss rod installed. Gibson also fitted the new 2 piece bridge and provided a new green lined hard shell case. Back then, when your instrument needed work, you sent it back to the factory. The local luthier as we know them today did not exist except possibly in the big cities. Gibson installed the truss rod right through the existing peghead inlay. This was common practice at Gibson for refits. The hardware and finish are original as seen by the Waverly tuners and the clamp mounted pickguard. The nice thing is you get the best of both - the slightly wider neck of the non-truss rodded instrument, but with all of the Loar era improvments. When I bought it, the rear seam behind the tailpiece was starting to open up. Master luthier Gail Hester perfectly reglued the seam and set up the mandolin. You cannot tell the work was done. The nice woods compliment the sound. This is a exceptionally good sounding F4 with that wonderful woody round hole Gibson tone, and it plays beautifully. Excellent for Celtic, jazz, classical, or old-time music. As mentioned earlier, it comes with an original early 20s Gibson green lined hard shell case.

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