1933 National Style 0 Guitar
(Serial No. S3856) Blues approved! Excellent condition cosmetically, excellent condition soundwise. This is a early Style 0 from the first years of production, with the etched palm trees, mountains and the canoe on the back. Has the 12 fret body, 1 3/4 inch nut, slotted peghead, flat f holes, original openback tuners, dot fretboard inlay, and a new Waterman cone. The original cone is included. Some minor wear and one minor dent on the top treble side. Frets are fine, neck is straight and in set. Pickguard is missing. The neck was reset and the guitar set up by luthier HArry Eibert. Plays perfectly with the sound you are looking for in a prewar National. Comes with a newer hardshell case.

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