1940s Vega Electrolux Guitar

(Serial No. 058-16) Excellent plus condition. In production from 1937 to 1942. This is an awesome playing and sounding guitar. This Vega Electrovox electric actually has an all-laminate flamed maple body with double "soundposts" below the bridge for top stability and feedback reduction. With the single coil pickup in the bridge position and this hollowbody soundpost design, it sounds like a cross between a 50s Gretsch full-hollowbody archtop electric and something like a 60s semihollow guitar. It also does swing and early jazz sounds as well as rootsy blues and folk-rock. It has a Brazilian rosewood fretboard with dot inlay. Ther body is fully bound. Very comfortable "C" shape neck. The neck on this feels more like a modern electric neck than something from its period of build and there's no truss rod, so it doesn't hurt to keep things lighter. The profile actually reminds me a lot of late 50s/early 60s Gibson electrics. It is fitted with volume and tone knobs with the tone knob being a three-way with "dark/mud" to the left, "normal/full output" in the center, and a "bass cut" or treble to the right. I like the center position the best, but the "treble" position is actually awesome if you're wanting to strum cowboy-style chords like you would on a normal acoustic. It reminds me of a 50s/60s DeArmond soundhole pickup sort of tone that way. The center position, with your amp's tone turned just slightly down, nails that Western swing lead guitar sound. Comes with a hardshell case.

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