1942 Martin D18 Guitar

(Serial No. 80203) Excellent condition. This is what a good bluegrass guitar is all about. Martin D-18s are our favorite guitars on the planet. This one is LOUD and and POWERFUL. This very clean D-18 has an Adirondack top, mahogany back and sides, and a dark Brazilian rosewood fretboard. Original finish and original bridge/bridge plate. The tuners are original. I suspect there may be a bit of overspray on the back, as it looks like some minor buckle wear was touched up. The previous owner fitted the Lester Flatt style pickguard, and you can see where a jack hole was plugged in the bottom trim strip near the endpin. The neck was recently reset and a new bone saddle fitted by luthier Jack Dillen in Ashville. The guitar has the usual nicks and dings of one used to play music, but overall a very clean guitar. Neck is straight and the frets were dressed. The guitar has an ebony truss rod, just like those made in 1943. The guitar is very lightweight and resonant. The guitar has the typical chunky neck that these early 50s D18s are known for. It has the dry woody sound you only get from a 70+ year old mahogany guitar, with that huge Martin boom on the bottom end. Click here for a video clip of this guitar as played by Nathan Beaumont of the Duck Wallow Band, Brandon FL. Comes with an Ameritage hard case

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