1957 Gibson J50 Guitar

(Serial No. U658 26) Excellent condition with some repairs. Excellent sounding guitar - it also really nails the slope shoulder Gibson midrangy dreadnaught sound. Natural finish spruce top, mahogany back and sides, Brazilian rosewood fretboard with dot inlays and original Brazilian bridge with fixed saddle. No structual repairs or refinish. The guitar plays very well so I suspect the neck was reset and the neck was refretted, as both the neck set and the frets are perfect. The pickguard is ovbviously new as it partially covers up some serious pick wear. Tuners are the correct Klusons but are a few years newer than the guitar. Shows some pick wear at the edge of the pick guard and some arm wear where you arm comes over the top. That makes sense; a guitar that sounds this good was played a lot. Big sound, great playability and a good price - what more can you ask for? Comes with a nice newer hardshell case.

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