1964 Fender Stratocaster Guitar

(Serial No. L20329) Excellent condition. If you are looking for the classic gig guitar - this is it. This is the guitar all of the "Relic" series want to be. Well played Strat in the sunburst finish. Green guard, pre-CBS Strat. Original yellow ink stamped black bottom pickups have staggered poles and date to April of 1964. Pots date to the 3rd week of 1964. Neck date code is DEC64B. The nail holes are present in the body. Guitar is completely straight under the guard, all original with no routs or repairs. The yellow date stamp black bobbin pickups from part of '64 are some of the best pickups Fender ever made...way up in the hierarchy. This guitar does sound AMAZING! Moderate wear to the original frets. Very minor dings, scuffs, scratches and checking as shown in the photos. Weighs 7 lbs. 11 oz. Missing the trem arm and the back plate. Note the body is stamped RR SB under the pickguard, indicating a factory refinish for some reason. Frets are original and the guitar plays very well as it was just set up by luthier Jerry Ray. The most incredible sounding pickups I have heard - perfectly balanced and matched. Comes with a slightly later (66 no tail on Fender logo) original black Fender hard shell case.

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