1970 Gibson ETG-150 Guitar

(Serial No. 901305) Excellent condition with one repair. The ETG is the same body as the ES-150, but fitted with a four string tenor neck and corrosponding hardware. All hardware and finish is original. The tenor guitar was initially developed in the mid to late 1920s. Tenor guitars enabled players of the four-string tenor banjo to double on guitar without having to learn the six string guitar. The tenor guitar can be considered to be a transition instrument between Dixieland banjo and the six string swing guitar, particularly as it started to outpace the tenor banjo in popularity, towards the end of the 1920s. The usual tenor tuning is CGDA, but I've seen these tuned GDAE and GDAD and played as an octive mandolin. The guitar has a cherry sunburst finish on the spuce tp, X bracing, maple backs and sides, and an ebony bridge and fretboard. Missing the pickguard. It is fitted with a stock Giubson P-90 pickup and a side jack. There is a very well repaired peghead crack that is almost unnoticeable. The seller indicates it was repaired over a decade ago and has never moved. THis is an elcennet sounding guitar, well suited to give some unique flavor to your music. Comes with a RoadRunner gig bag.

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