1970s GTR F5 Style Mandolin
(Serial #7921) Excellent condition. Although I've heard of these, I've never had a chance to play one until recently. GTR stood for (George) Gruhn, (Tut) Taylor and (Randy)Wood, and it was also the name of the original Gruhn shop. These GTR mandolins were handmade for George Gruhn by a foreman in the Moridaira guitar factory in Japan between 1974 and 1978. George indicates that less than 100 were made. This is a very nicely built mandolin, on a par with any upper end mandolin built in Japan and better built than most Gibson mandolins of similar vintage. It has a solid spruce top, solid flamed maple back and sides, ebony fretboard and bridge, and the GTR logo in pearl in the peghead. It's in great shape with just a few scratches, some fine cracks in the binding and some small chips in the binding, mostly on the points. No repairs noted or needed. It plays and sounds great with a nice low action and good volume and chop. This has some good pop. Gruhn designed this mandolin to carry his store name. He did not skimp on the materials or workmanship. Its a very high quality build. The neck is straight and the frets are in good shape. Here is a short video clip of this instrument played by Buck Buchheister of The Freightliners. Comes with the nice original hardshell case.

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