1980 Gurian S3R Guitar

(Serial No. D1772) Excellent condition. Gurian guitars are considered to be some of the better handcrafted instruments from the 70s and 80s. In direct competition with other high end brands, Michael Gurian combined high quality workmanship with tooling and technical skill to create some of the finest guitars of his era and helped to pioneer the small factory guitar. This guitar about the size of an OM (just over 15 inches wide), with a Sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides. Nut is 1 10/16 inch on the ebony fretboard. Gurian came from the classical guitar tradition and his steel-string models were ahead of their time in that there is no plastic or celluloid, with the obvious exception of the pickguard. The binding is maple, and all the purflng and rosette lines are wood as well. Strap button added at the heel. The Size 3 model has become a favorite for recording work thanks to the very balanced tone along with excellent power and sustain. This guitar will work well for either solo or accompaniment, with a nice low action and good playability. The guitar is fitted with and undersaddle pickup and an endpin jack. Comes with the probably original hardshell case with a couple of latches broken.

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