1982 Flatiron 3k Bouzouki / Octave Mandolin
(Serial No. 8205092) This is a early instument from Flatiron which shows why they acheived their reputation for building. Excellent condition with a gloss finish. Has a solid spruce top, herringbone top trim, a mahogany neck, and flamed Hawaiian Koa back and sides. All finish and hardware is original. This is a round "pancake" style bouzouki with a round sound hole and a flat top and back. These mandolins are excellent for Celtic sessions because they are LOUD! Original ebony nut and fretbord, 1 3/8 inch nut, 23 1/2 inch scale for a good combination of lead work and chording. Its currently tuned GDAD as a rhythm instrument but it can be tuned GDAE as an octave mandolin. Plays easy as it was just set up by my luthier. It is very playable up the neck, neck set is good and the frets show almost no wear and are still in good shape. Has the original tailpice but is missing the cover. Has a full deep, driving throaty sound. Comes with the original hardshell case.

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