1997 Hutto F5 Mandolin
(Serial No. 85438 Mandolin No. 126) Excellent condition. John Hutto was a reclusive and highly accomplished mandolin builder here on the East Coast. He only made about 150 mandolins in his liftime, but they are prized by those that have one. Dempsey Young of Lost and Found was noted for playing one his entire career. This is number 126 made by John. It features varnish finish, beautifully flamed maple sides and a one-piece back, a European spruce top, and a scooped flat ebony fretboard and bridge. The original nickle Gotah tuners have pearl buttons. I'm not sure if the tailpiece cover is original, but it is the one that came on the mandolin when I bought it. There are no repairs noted. Folks, this is another mandolin that takes 15-20 minutes of picking to wake it up. After that time, it will crush the banjos in your local jam. It has strong woody chop and clear trebles and excellent volume. Luthier Richie Dotson just went through and set up the mandolin and fitted it with a new Dotson bridge. Here is a short video clip of this instrument played by Richie, and another video clip by Tim Jones of the band Carolina Blue. Comes with a new Calton hard shell case.

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