Ratliff Custom R5 Mandolin Ratliff Custom R5 Mandolin
(Serial No. 1000) New. Mint condition. Audey Ratliff has been buiding mandolins for decades, and he has figured out how to get the sound from them. A few years ago, Audey built his 1000th Mandolin, and he decided to go all out to show what he is capable of building. This is that mandolin. Although the box was closed up in 2008, Audey worked on this mandolin for years, never rushing the build, with the intention of building the best mandolin possible. He used the fines woods he could find - the top is hand carved Adirondak red spruce, the back and sides are incredible quilted maple, and the peghead overlay, the bridge and the fretboard are ebony. Fitted with a gold Shaller tuners with pearl buttons and a gold one piece Allen tailpiece. The mandolin is side bound like Monroes. Audey shot a beautiful triple tone sunburst on the top, back and sides. As a crowning touch, Audey carved the heel. Thats a nice touch rarely seen on mandolins. The mandolin is still new and green, but you can hear that this mandolin will be a powerhouse. Its an excellent sounding mandolin a good chop, clear trebles and a nice woofy bass. Click here for a video clip of this mandolin. Click here for another video clip of this mandolin with Audey discussing the build.

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